VTRA and Honour House Society Calendar 2020

The making of the Calendar

I have always loved having a calendar on my wall and the vision I wanted to create, was to showcase an amazing group of paramedics as well as a gorgeous herd of therapists and capture these two strong groups together.

In producing the calendar, the photographs were all taken by incredibly talented paramedics and we were seeing through their eyes the beauty in both the animals and the humans and how powerful a uniform is.

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Each of these paramedics pictured wearing a uniform, are empathetic and provide the most professional level of care to people who need it and I am fiercely proud to be part of that profession. However, it does not come without its challenges and raising awareness of mental health for all first responders and military is something that I am hugely passionate about.

The horses play an integral part in providing a kind and gentle way to mirror the person in need and provide hope in an otherwise dark place. Just the smell or the gentle grooming allows the person to be in the moment and escape an otherwise challenging place.

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The profits from the sale of the calendars will be split equally between the Victoria Therapeutic Riding Association and Honour House Society. Both of these organisations are non-profit and therefore rely on financial support. Both of these organisations provide an irreplaceable support network to people who truly deserve our help.

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It has been an absolute honour to see how beautiful the photos turned out and how they captured the spirit intended of the calendar Two truly amazing groups, both incredibly strong and talented.

Annie Brothwell


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