Laura Scott


Laura Scott and Joey

Hello everyone, my name is Laura Lisa Scott and I would like to share my experience with the VTRA.
I used to have a pony when I was little; we spent all our days together. I experienced trauma when I was a child which left me with post-traumatic stress disorder.
I had not been around horses for more than twenty five years when I ran into an ad looking for volunteers to help with the horses and riders at VTRA. I was excited and filled out the paper work immediately, was thrilled to be accepted as a horse handler, but quickly realized my disability was getting in the way. I was out of shape and felt too much pressure being responsible for the horse, the rider and the side walkers.
I knew this was still the spot I needed to be. I shared with the staff that I had a disability and asked if I qualified for becoming a participant in the program. I was accepted and started riding shortly thereafter.
This is when my true healing began. The moment I was in the saddle I was home, safe and at ease. The feel of the horse beneath me was a comfort; to be connected with such a majestic animal and to feel it move underneath me gave me the sense of such freedom.
My self-esteem lifted, my confidence grew and my heart began to open to those around me with the gift I had been given. On the nicer days we would go outside. To be outside and hear the horses nicker and the sound of their hooves or feel the sway of their walk, while being surrounded in nature felt truly healing. No matter how tired I was or depressed I felt, I always went to my classes and always left smiling, energized and happy.
I have healed in leaps and bounds. I am no longer on medication, I have my self-esteem back and I have confidence in myself and my heart is now open wide ready to assist other.
The program is much more than just the horses. The instructors are wonderful, giving each person their attention and guidance. Their exuberance and compassion don’t go unnoticed and add also to healing. The amount of organizing and patience this takes is remarkable and Sam, Liz and Kyrie are perfect for the jobs they have.
Now for the volunteers; they are committed, compassionate, and truly love what they do. Their job is a strenuous; to walk in sand for three hours, to be in contact with the rider at all times and never is there a grumble just smiles and encouragement.
The organizer Sue is always busy at her desk, piled with papers. She too is on the ball and a real benefit to the organization.
The total mix of all of these amazing people keep the organization running like a well-oiled machine. One could not do the job without the other. Energies complement one another and in my opinion they all deserve a standing ovation.
I went to the barn today and was greeted with smiles and welcomes. I saw my favourite horse. This is not just a therapeutic riding program; it’s a place where magic happens.

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