Our Riders

VTRA riders range in age and diagnoses.  We encourage our riders to ride as long as it is safe and beneficial to do so and we do not require our riders to “age out.” Most are under age 19 but we also serve adult riders.
Show riders
Each rider is matched with the right horse and assigned to the appropriate level of instruction and group. Instructors guide them through activities that work on their riding skills as well as their emotional, physical, developmental or cognitive needs.

Rider Testimonial:

“The reason I like horse back riding is because I’m riding a really lovely horse his name is Danny, Danny listens to everything that I tell him to do, Danny is a really nice horse to ride, I love riding Danny and you people showed me how to ride a really nice horse, you showed me how to ride a horse, thank you for teaching me how to ride Danny.
One of your horse riders. M.” October 2015

” This program is great. I love it because it helps with my health and makes me stronger so I could play hockey and soccer. I also like it because I get to miss school.
The staff and the horses are very nice. I like riding on a horse as it makes ,e feel tall. I am very short for my age and this makes me happy.” D. Spring 2015

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