Mya’s Story

Mya loves her horsies!!  Mya cannot speak or sign, but boy does a smile say a thousand words!!

Mya, also known as The Little Fighter, has had a tough go of things since very early in her life.  She started fighting seizures at 6 weeks of age and has been fighting ever since (she is now 4 and a half).  This fight has taken her to hospitals all over North America, in search of the one thing that would stop the seizures.  Ultimately this journey took us to the Hospital for Sick Children in Torontowhere Mya had brain surgery when she was 18 months old.

When we decided to have the brain surgery performed to try and stop the seizures, we were told that it could potentially cause paralysis down the entire left side of Mya’s body.  Immediately after surgery, you could tell right away that she was indeed paralyzed on the left side.  While in the recovery room we would hold her left hand and just pray for it to squeeze back and give us a sign that things were going to come back for her.  After many hours of waiting and praying, those little fingers started to squeeze and we knew that things were going to be ok.

Now if someone had told me then, that in just over 2 years Mya would begin horseback riding, I would have been a bit surprised.  Well sure enough it happened and here we are, now 3 years later and almost a year since she first began horseback riding.  While Mya’s surgery did not cure her seizures, it dramatically reduced them.  Mya does not communicate in many ways, except when she is really happy and that huge smile beams brightly.  One of the best ways for you to see that smile is when Mya is on her horse Faensi.  When Mya first started riding she could only last about 5-10 minutes on Faensi and would very quickly become tired and need to stop.  Over time she has become much stronger and now likes to ride Faensi as long as she can!

Before Mya started riding, she would always lay on her mats in the living room and she would spend countless hours trying to sit up on her own, but was never able to do it without her Mom or Dad giving her a little help.  Since the riding she has developed much more trunk strength and has finally been able to sit up on her own.  This simple act of independence has been huge for Mya.  She is so proud of herself when she sits up!  Most of the time she will lay back down just so she can sit up again!  And almost every time you will see that same smile that all started with her best bud Faensi!

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