Welcome to 2021!

Happy New Year to all our participants, volunteers and supporters! We wish you all a safe and prosperous new year.

Thank you to all who supported our 2020 End of Year Campaign. We are very grateful for your support. Our herd, facility and rider subsidy program was well supported and we are thrilled to be up and running in 2021! Let’s celebrate a new and better year for everyone!

Important announcement from the vTRA

Welcome to Term 3!

January 11 – March 12, 2021

Term 3 starts Monday, January 11 – Connect with Lauren at admin@vtra.ca with any questions!

 Welcome new and returning participants! Please remember to wear your mask and gloves. All COVID-19 Pandemic protocols remain in place for the Term.

Our Horses

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Our Riders

Find out more about the riders and their unique experience & connection with the horses that provides them with self-development and motivation. Learn More»


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