VTRA Art Event

This fall, the VTRA would like to invite you to participate in our Art Event.

The goal is simple: encourage you to let your creative juices flow and create your own piece of art that the VTRA will then use as basis for cards, to be sold as a fundraiser and sent to our supporters.

The theme for this piece is: here is how I feel about participating in the VTRA program. Horse pictures and cut-out will be provided only as suggestions. This piece should be more about feeling than accurate representation of reality.

All forms are accepted (paint, felt, collage, or other); however to facilitate reproduction, we ask that the finished product remains 2-dimensional (textures and reliefs do not print so well…). We also would like to recommend artists to add their name to their piece as signature.

To help all aspiring artists, we have put together a kit that is available for pick-up upon registration. To ensure consistency across submissions, we ask that all artwork be submitted on one of the sheet of paper provided. We have also included horse pictures for inspiration; and a horse outline can be requested at the office if wanted.

Interested in participating? Simply fill the form below to let us know you would like to register, and collect your kit next time you are at the barn. Participation is free and all artists must agree to let the VTRA use the resulting art freely. All submissions due by November 27, 2017, 5:00pm at the VTRA office.

We would like to invite both riders and volunteers to participate. This is not a competition, but more a chance to share your inspiration and creations!

VTRA art event registration
  • Thank you for particpating in this art event. Simply fill your name (or the artist name if different) and a valid e-mail address. We will prepare a kit to be picked up at the VTRA barn.
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